Improvisation On A Plate

Off Topic: Sound designer Diego Stocco has started a new series of videos, focusing on working with ‘found sounds’, rather than sound design.

Here’s what Stocco has to say about his latest ‘Improv On A…..’ video:

I was about to cut a chocolate cake and when I moved the plate on the countertop I noticed a very interesting sound.

One side of the plate was free to vibrate because the tiles were not perfectly even, so by applying pressure with one finger and tapping it with another I was able to create some tonal beats.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Stocco’s ‘Improv’ videos are reminder that cool sounds are everywhere!

See Stocco’s Vimeo site for more examples of his work.

3 thoughts on “Improvisation On A Plate

  1. Awesome! this guy can make sick beats that are surprisingly musical out of anything. I mean plants, trees, old broken toys, the entire contents of a laundromat, a plate, it doesn’t matter. He makes some truly masterful recordings. This is what drew me to create electronic music in the first place, the idea that you could take sound from anywhere and incorporate it into a production. It’s so cool to see a guy who finds inspiration all around him, constantly taking the woefully boring and turning it into something extraordinary.

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