Opera With iPhones – The DigiEnsemble Berlin, Featuring Anna Gütter

Reader MatzeRak let us know about this new music video from the DigiEnsemble Berlin (FB link), a performance of Handel’s Ombra Mai Fu from Xerxes, featuring vocalist Anna Gütter.

The DigiEnsemble Berlin is a group of classically trained musicians that explore the performance possibilities of smartphones and other mobile devices.

This video captures a performance of the aria Ombra Mai Fu from Handel’s serio-comic opera Xerxes, accompanied on smartphones and tablets. The 7 players are using the app Thumbjam. By lifting and lowering their phones, the musicians can use Thumbjam to translate gestures into expressive playing.

The sound you hear is all played live by the musicians and their smartphones.


“Ombra mai fu / di vegetabile,/ cara ed amabile, / soave più.” –
“Never was shade / of plant / more dear, amiable / and sweet.”

What do you think of the possibilities of performing classical music like this?

2 thoughts on “Opera With iPhones – The DigiEnsemble Berlin, Featuring Anna Gütter

  1. Amazing! Quite an accurate performance because the composition wasn’t demanding, but i am not sure how accurate could be specific articulations. Lack of expressiveness is the major weakness of these systems. However, still deeply impressed!

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