Sunrizer Synth Gets Expanded Preset Library

Artemiy Pavlov has announced that Sunrizer synth now has an expanded preset library:

I’ve added more patches to the Sinevibes bank for Sunrizer (for a total of 75).

Note: To get the updated patch library:

  • Open the patch library & click ‘Banks’;
  • Click edit, delete the Sinevibes bank and select ‘Done’;
  • Select ‘Web Library’ and click “Sinevibes for Sunrizer 2 (iPad);

It will show up as “Sinevibes2′ and should have 75 patches.

Sunrizer is available in the App Store for $4.99.

9 thoughts on “Sunrizer Synth Gets Expanded Preset Library

  1. This is one awesome app !!

    I just wish for a ribbon or xy pad like interface along with the keyboard. I love the Animoog keys and that kind of fluid control would be great for sunrizer too

  2. I love this synth! I use XS on iphone and it’s brilliant! I can’t imagine how great it is on iPad. I talked to the dev and was told that we can expect a VST/AU of this in the future as well as a built-in sequencer (some things that I requested and he confirmed were already in the works). I can’t wait!

  3. Don’t hold your breath, the same dev have announced iSequence 3 to be released shortly and that was in March 2011… Since that time he refuses to keep users of existing iSequnce 2 up to date, or answer their queries 🙁
    This is not acceptable customer service/support I’m afraid.

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