MacBeth Photon + MicroMac Synthesizers (Sneak Preview Prog-a-thon)

Ken MacBeth, of MacBeth Studio Systems, gets his chilltronic prog jam on in this sneak preview of a couple of new synths he’s working on – the MacBeth Photon and MacBeth MicroMac synthesizers.

Here’s what he has to say about the analog duo:

This is another video of the micromac (prototype) in action with the even more compact 21HP 3U X-Series Photon synthesizer module (prototype). Both the micromac and Photon are complete analogue synths!

I’m using my all analogue CV and Gate keyboard to drive the Micromac and a Korg Prophecy/Kenton Pro Solo to drive the Photon. The Photon is the arpeggiated synth going on here.

gain it’s fun to do this stuff, and my playing is not the best- but this video does give you a good idea of the power and the sound of these seriously small in size synths doing their job!

The MicroMac and Photon synths are prototypes. Release date and pricing are to be determined.


10 thoughts on “MacBeth Photon + MicroMac Synthesizers (Sneak Preview Prog-a-thon)

  1. It would seem the Zot Engineering and Diatron Assembly systems references, have been removed from Ken Macbeths site. His choice to hide this info is amusing. Using arms/military companies to manufacture synths , perhaps a bad move for Ken after all. Musicians tend to be progressive in their thinking. Using arms companies ain’t cool.

    1. Hey dipshit. I’m 100% positive you are posting from a device using chips from TI and/or Motorola, both of which have infinitely more to do with arms manufacturing than one boutique synth maker.
      I suggest you throw your computer under a bus so you don’t have to live with the guilt of your support of the military death machine.

  2. I have a screen shot of the info from his site.It was emailed to me from a guy doing a techno blog.
    I am happy to post it on line.

  3. Hi there- I removed those references on my website because I was wrong! I’ve still to see any product that either Zot Engineering or Diatron have made for your so called arms industry! You really should check this out yourself fella! I rather suspect you have a more personal issue with me as an individual, sir, rather than where my parts come from! So, being a fair person, what’s your real name and where do you live? =]

  4. Hi Ken,
    Let them talk… you will always find people explaining gandhi was a warrior, or mother theresa was kidnapping children 🙂
    Please, keep you neurons valid for creativity 😉

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