Eastwest Releases Quantum Leap Solo Violin

Eastwest has released Quantum Leap Solo Violin, an new virtual instrument that recreates the sound of a solo violin.

Quantum Leap Solo Violin has a sound and character ideally suited for film and classical work. The instrument includes 5 passes of true legatos sampled intervals, Legato soft, legato forte, expressive legato, portamento and fast legato/ trill/ run.

Quantum Leap Solo Violin also features round robin up and down bowing on most articulations and is the first violin virtual instrument that can handle very fast playing and live trill playing with ease. All of the basic articulations were sampled as well as various expressive articulations, vibrato styles and non vibrato.

Eastwest/Quantum Leap Solo Violin is available now for US $99.

You can preview Quantum Leap Solo Violin below.

2 thoughts on “Eastwest Releases Quantum Leap Solo Violin

  1. I am a violinist, attended Interlochen, conducted and composed. I am also a broke recent graduate, so the demos on face value are good but hard to hear the pressure it bow strength and the many articulations an ease of control without product. I seek rich notes to match for example shifting up to play A in 7th position in G string and the richness of tone.

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