Smithson Martin Releases Emulator Modular, Brings Multitouch Control To Any App

Smithson Martin have released a new application, Emulator Modular, that is designed to let you create a multitouch controller for any program.


  • Convert your multi-touch device into a powerful MIDI controller.
  • Built your ‘dream interface’.
  • Emulator includes a complete list of objects so you can custom design your own multi-touch interface with buttons, sliders, circular knobs, jog wheels and many more.
  • Work at any resolution.
  • Add multi-touch capability to your preferred DJ, VJ or Music Production software.

The current release is for Windows, but a version for OS X is under development.

I had the chance to talk with Smithson Martin co-founder Alan Smithson at the 2012 NAMM Show, and he said that there is already a community of Emulator Modular developers sharing templates for the platform.

Here’s an example of the type of interfaces you can create with Emulator Modular – a multitouch interface for Ableton Live:

Emulator Modular with Ableton Live

Emulator Modular is currently available for WIndows for $499 for a lifetime license or $199 for an annual subscription. A trial version is also available. See the Smithson Martin site for details.

8 thoughts on “Smithson Martin Releases Emulator Modular, Brings Multitouch Control To Any App

  1. It’s not too expensive if it’s the only game in town. (on win 7)

    This was already released previously but only functioned with traktor on windows. It also had screen resolution limitations. Did they fix that?

    1. The point of the software is that it lets you create multitouch controls for any app you like.

      They say it works at any resolution – but I’d assume you’ve got to build your control screen for the appropriate resolution.

  2. Nevermind I’m a dummy. Just saw the” can adjust to any resolution.” Sry. Can’t wait to demo it! Thanks for supporting win 7 touch devices smithson Martin cuz it’s lonely over here on the multitouch side of things. By the end of the weekend you might be 200-500$ richer.

  3. I just think that, for $400, I’d rather spend an extra $150 and get an iPad and the Liine Lemur app. More interesting controls, far more adaptable, and far more portable, unless you’re rockin’ a Tablet PC. You could also spend $400 for the software and another $300 for a 23″ multi-touch, but that’s carrying a lot of stuff to the gig.

    Besides, I have it on good authority that Liine might just make the Lemur app for touchscreen PCs, since the editing software for it already runs smoothly there.

    And since Windows 8 is coming out soon, a lot of the multi-touch concerns we have might be fading. Have to wait for that, but it’s only a few months.

    I just think $400 will price them out of the ballpark. $200 is better for sure.

  4. While I like the concept, and anything really that promotes multitouch tech, I don’t see how this cost is justified. Even the interface is rehashed, tired, and generic. For that price you better make it SEXY! Also, I think what Liine lemur has going for it, are some very talented and motivated coders, ie Antonio blanca etc.

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