How To Make An 80s Disco Track

How to Make an 80s Disco Track, by Hyboid, is part synth jam, part music video and part video tutorial.

And it’s a pretty sweet 80’s style disco track, too!

Technical details below:

Equipment used:

  • Drums:
    • MFB Kult
    • Simmons SDS 800
    • MAM ADX1
    • Lell UDS
  • Synths:
    • Waldorf Microwave
    • Oberheim Matrix 6R
    • Roland MKS-70
    • Doepfer Dark Energy
    • DSI Evolver
    • MFB Synth Lite
  • FX:
    • Lexicon MPX-1
    • Korg Kaoss Pad Mini
    • Ensoniq DP/4

14 thoughts on “How To Make An 80s Disco Track

  1. Doesn’t sound like anything from the 80s I lived through, must’ve been a parallel universe. Does sound a lot like noughties electroclash with beards though.

  2. Um, yeah, about disco… STOP DOING THAT. Its partly called techno now and it still gives synthesizers a bad name. I’d rather hear yet another $#@! Depeche Mode cover and I’m totally sick of $#@! Depeche Mode. If all you can do is disco, please give your gear to a kid and stop encouraging the heat death of the universe via boom-bap. SHEESH!!

  3. People on this website love to get caught up in semantics, labels, technical definitions, and “is ___ legitimately ___?)”
    It’s about the sounds and the circuits! Jeez louise, it sounded cool, what else do you want? Obviously the author made the mistake of using buzzwords like “disco” and “80’s” because now no one cares about the actual content.

  4. That was the sound of Italo disco, what disco was before Gorgio teamed up with Donna Summers and brought the sound to the States. We missed it here in the states because Disco in America was mixed with the Funk sound, it totally lost the energy that was the rage in Europe at that time. Research Italo disco, and you will hear where Depech Mode and so many other synthpop bands got some of their influence. Bands like Polaris, Kano, Koto and so many more ( a lot of them were produced by Gorgio at one time or another.. ) Anyway, just my 2 cents… Disco in America sucked compared to the original sound it came from in Europe. nung242

  5. Agree with recent posts. This is sweet music, and it definitely sounds like true NYC 80s to me. Check out “On the Grid” or “Angel Eyes” by Lime of Prism Records (m&m production — amazing producers!).

    Well done!

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