Performance Art From The Matrix – This Sensation Is Audio

Sunday Synth Jam: Coded Sensation is a project, developed by Martin Rille, that explores the idea of turning our bodies into ‘sensible containers’ of information that can be released through body contact.

Futuristic suits, with embedded sensors and audio tape, respond to touch and motion with audio:

Touching, hearing and feeling thus become equally important as seeing; a synthesis of senses become a way of knowing the world. For the moment it is only a possibility; but that is exactly what art should do: envision possibilities and open perspectives, allowing us to became aware of our present and even more of our hypothetic future.

The result is a bit like performance art from The Matrix.

Above, choreographer Amber Gabrielle & Martin Rille perform Coded Sensation.

Here’s what writer Michael Hammerschmid has to say about Rille’s work:


I am writing about something that is going to be. Let’s call it science fiction, a kind of fiction, a fiction on and about science. But this is going to come true, maybe it is happening right now, right in front of your eyes, maybe it is already over: as a performance, as art, as a dream and reality which follows the sound of touch.

It is basically nothing else then what Martin Rille — author, inventor, director, motor, motivator of Coded Sensation — is looking for: the sound of touch which maybe translated directly to the notion of skin. He makes skin speak, sing and narrate by using technology (as sciences applied arm) and gives her a memory.

via Coded Sensation

6 thoughts on “Performance Art From The Matrix – This Sensation Is Audio

  1. “Futuristic suits, with embedded sensors and audio tape, respond to touch and motion with audio” — When I first read that, I thought it said futuristic sluts and that made the interesting story just a little more interesting.

  2. Yeah, this sort of thing baffles me. We already know this sort of thing is possible, that doesn`t mean it`s worthwhile. Get some talented folks in there, maybe involve cirque de soleil and work out something that looks and sounds cool, not something so amateur it`s reminiscent of an awkward social encounter.

  3. Sounded like someone dragging a microphone around an outdoor windy swimming pool until it finally became damaged enough to just produce noise, while some emo kids in need of attention danced about architecture.

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