$25 rePatcher Brings A Patch Matrix To Your Synth Software


Open Music Labs has introduced rePatcher, an Arduino shield that lets you “patch” your Max/MSP or Pure Data patches with a 6 x 6 patchbay matrix:

So, if you’re tired of hiding behind your laptop while performing amazing electronic music, use rePatcher to show the world exactly what you’re doing on that screen. Explore your creations in an entirely different way, and save yourself the hassle of ‘clicking and dragging’. Or, if you just want a few generic controls and switches that easily integrate into Pure Data, rePatcher will get you there.

rePatcher also has 6 general purpose control knobs for modifying parameters in your patch.

Since rePatcher attaches via USB, it can be hacked to work with any other program that can accept a serial stream.

Here’s a video intro to rePatcher:

rePatcher is $25, but you’ll need an Arduino and compatible software to use it.

If you give rePatcher a try, let us know what you’re doing with it!

3 thoughts on “$25 rePatcher Brings A Patch Matrix To Your Synth Software

  1. using max in my eurorack – this is the best thing ever — everyone complains about the cost of modular gear – now you can fill 19inch x3u for less than the price of a monotribe – a few of these and a few SNAZZY FX ArdCore and your pretty much set

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