Patchable Modular Controller, mNodes, Lets You ‘Patch’ Software

Reader Jinku sent word of mNodes – a patchable modular controller which is controller by physical patch cords and knobs.

mNodes connects to your computer, via USB, and lets you create and manipulate software ‘patches’. In this video demonstration, mNodes is used with Supercollider and Max/MSP.

mNodes can be used with MaxMsp/Jitter, Ableton Live, cSound and Processing through USB, making it a flexible controller.

mNodes|nod| : Patchable Modular Controller
2011 STEIM (Amsterdam)
AVR C++ supercollider
created by jinKu

2 thoughts on “Patchable Modular Controller, mNodes, Lets You ‘Patch’ Software

  1. Awesome. It’s great that something like this is available for sale–I’m still no expert with an arduino, and even using MIDI devices and game controllers with Max can be pretty limiting.

  2. This looks more impressive, and more ergonomically practical, than the rePatcher kit mentioned in the next article. rePatcher has the advantage of actually being available however and I suspect if the mNodes goes into production either as a kit or completed unit it will be quite a bit more expensive. Still, good to see both of these ideas!

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