Who Needs A Synth When You’ve Got A Tempest Drum Machine?

This video synth jam demonstrates the type of bass sounds you can get from a Dave Smith Instruments Tempest.

While ostensibly a drum machine, the Tempest has six flexible analog/hybrid synth voices. While they are optimized for drum sounds, this video highlights that you can still get some pretty wicked bass sounds out of it.

via RoonanTV:

I bought a Voyager to get that typical Moog sound. I really like a certain Moog Bass. After some fiddling on the Tempest I couldn’t believe my ears. Anyone in for a brand new Voyager?

10 thoughts on “Who Needs A Synth When You’ve Got A Tempest Drum Machine?

  1. It’s an awesome synth … I’ve been getting some terrific sounds out of mine. Actually using it more for synth duties than drum sounds at the moment!

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  3. I think the Tempest’s synth architecture is similar to that of the Tetra and Prophet ’08. Both of which are pretty decent for analog drum sounds too (though they do lack some of the Tempest’s features like its click generator and sample memory.)

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