Mixed In Key Intros Mashup Software For Mac, PC

mashup software for Mac & PCMixed in Key has introduced Mashup, a new app that’s designed to ease the process of making audio mashups.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Mashup’s user interface is streamlined and intuitive. Import songs into Mashup, and it will analyze them for key and tempo. Next, drag a song into Mashup’s ultra-fast audio editor, and its tempo will become the master for the project. If you’d prefer, you can manually enter in a different master tempo. As soon as one song is added, the song browser will show you which other songs in your collection are 100% harmonically compatible with your original song. Then drag other songs into the editor window, and they’re automatically beat-matched to the master tempo, using Mashup’s professional time-stretching algorithm.

Now you can start editing. Mashup lets you graphically edit each song’s volume, as well as three bands of EQ, all with breakpoint-style automation. The editor also lets you select and silence portions of songs, adjust phase, slide them in time, and more. When you’re done editing, you can export the result to a 320kbps MP3 file or a 16-bit, 44.1kHz WAV file. If you already use Mixed In Key 5, Mashup will load its database and will skip the analysis step. Mashup and Mixed In Key 5 work flawlessly with each other.

Mashup is available now, for Mac & Windows, for US $39.

4 thoughts on “Mixed In Key Intros Mashup Software For Mac, PC

  1. I’ve just purchased this – and here’s a very quick review:

    Good points:
    * Excellent GUI
    * Harmonic matching seems to work quite well, fairly fast scanning
    * Easy to use

    Bad points:
    * No looping / cutting facilities – major issue if one of your tunes has an extra break as you can’t resync them
    * No Ableton style editing of the beat points – it doesn’t always keep perfect beat and the phase adjustment changes the whole file.
    * No tempo changing – all your tracks will have the same tempo

    Basically does what it says on the tin / website – but really need a method to split or loop sections of a track to make the most of it. Hopefully they’ll add this on a future version.

  2. Thanks for that review. Copy/paste/looping is being added in a free update. We’re adding a “split track here” function that creates individual segments that you can move around.

    There will be an option to tweak the tempo for each segment, if needed. Lots of new stuff coming up, and we just released a free update that has lots of fixes that I wanted to create.

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