Switched On Bach On Guitar Synth


Here’s a preview of Shredder for iPhone, featuring a little ‘switched on’ style Bach, using guitar-controlled software synth.

Shredder is designed to translate the audio signal from a standard electric guitar into MIDI and into guitar synth.

It’s $9.99 in the App Store (but it’s discounted to $4.99 as of this post).

If you give this a try, let us know what you think of it!

Details below.


  • Guitar Controlled Analog Modeling Synth / MIDI Interface
  • Extreme low latency Guitar-to-MIDI (G2M) conversion
  • No synth pickup needed: works via audio input thru guitar adapter or mic (best in quiet settings w/ amplified electric or regular acoustic guitar, if using mic)
  • Compatible with in-jack guitar adapters (iRig, etc) and USB adapters (Apogee Jam, etc). (Follow adapter manufacturer’s instructions for device compatibility).
  • Control virtual MIDI compatible apps or MIDI compatible devices with your guitar using SHREDDER
  • 44.1k, 16-bit CD quality audio
  • Adjustable guitar tracking parameters
  • Built in oscilloscope for live display of audio waveform
  • Over 110 Pro-Designed synth presets
  • Unlimited preset save and share (also compatible w/ SHREDDER for iPad)
  • Recording deck with built-in audio sharing
  • On-screen keyboard
  • Built-in tuner


  • FM/Subtractive fully programmable virtual-analog hybrid synth engine
  • Dual Analog-Modelling Oscillators
  • 7 waveforms per oscillator, settable octave, fine-tune and syncing
  • Custom-designed analog modelling 4-pole Resonant Filter with three modes, dedicated ADSR envelope and note tracking
  • OSC2-to-OSC1 Frequency Modulation
  • Dedicated FM ADSR envelope, FM Amount, FM-to-oscillator mix, wave phase and ring modulation
  • Dual dedicated LFOs with multiple waveforms, adjustable rate, phase, destination-wise amount, frequency-syncing and phase-trigger modes
  • Dedicated amp ADSR envelope
  • Configurable glide
  • Noise generator


  • Guitar-to-MIDI converter and Virtual/Physical MIDI interface for guitar
  • Control other compatible Virtual MIDI apps or physical MIDI devices using your guitar
  • 16 simultaneously selectable MIDI Out channels
  • Browse and select Virtual or Physical MIDI Destinations inside SHREDDER
  • “Global” MIDI Out mode
  • Physical MIDI In for playing w/ external controller
  • Virtual MIDI In
  • Configurable MIDI In Control Code map


  • Virtual pedalboard with analog-inspired FX,
    • Fuzz Goblin distortion/overdrive
    • Ghoul Vibrations analog chorus/vibrato
    • Echo-Plasm stereo delay/reverb
  • Built in audio recorder/virtual tape deck
  • Share audio via email, WiFi, Audio Copy/Paste or SoundCloud
  • Virtual 73-note keyboard with adjustable key width
  • Over 110 synth presets designed by professional musicians
  • Unlimited user preset saving
  • YPAT 2.0 Preset system with built-in preset sharing via email or WiFi. Can also share presets with SHREDDER for iPad


  • iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4 or newer
  • iOS 5.0 or newer

7 thoughts on “Switched On Bach On Guitar Synth

  1. I dl’d the first version of this; was underwhelmed by the fact that it failed to recognize the Alesis ioDock. Underwhelmed by the FX options, but I’ll overlook that since it’s really about having the synth engine.

    Have since updated to the current version and will give it a try to see just how much it’s been improved.

    Still skeptical … 13-pin is going to be hard to beat.

    Godin xtSA
    Roland GR-1
    Roland GR-20
    Roland GI-20 & XV2020

  2. Was seriously disappointed with the iPad version. Tried so many settings to get it to work with my guitar but the tracking was just hideous.

    I really wanted this to be good, but it just fails.

  3. Nicely done. I am pleasantly freaked by the means to have the only remaining problem be powering adequate speakers. Someone will probably come along with something electrostatic that you can roll out and hang from a coat hook:P. We’re closer than ever to the day when a solo musician can carry everything s/he needs by themselves and not break a sweat. This path is still new and a bit glitchy, but with things like the Animoog appearing, its sci-fi, baby. Now where the heck is my flying car?

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