New Music Interface – The CCC-Pad (Sneak Preview)

Håkan Lidbo tipped us off to the CCC-Pad, described as “a creative media interface where sounds and video can be played in a new and intuitive way”.

The first version will be on the market in fall 2012, but the big touch screen prototype was tested at the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest, Jan 11, embedded above.

The CCC-PAd is a prototype and part of an extensive research project by Dr Rikard Lindell in collaboration with Lidbo, programmers and designers.

The concept of the CCC-Pad project is that everyone can interact with each other. Most live electronic music is about musicians playing on separate units without the possibility to effect each others music. Same for visual artists. With CCC-Pad, everyone can manipulate, change, add and delete anything, both music and video. Everything is connected to everything else.

Collaborators in this projects are the designers Oskar Kjelleryd and Haithem Mizban from Quantum White and the programmers Fredrik Jansson and Dr Rikard Lindell from Mälardalen University. CCC-Pad is a part of the C3LOOPS project.

12 thoughts on “New Music Interface – The CCC-Pad (Sneak Preview)

  1. *We’ve got a product that will change how music is performed (and/or made)”

    “When will it be available?”

    “In about 8 years, after touring our prototype around for 5 of those years to build interest. Even then you’ll have to special order it from us, and you’ll be on a waiting list.”

    Im all for these big touch screen higher-concept controllers, but i’de like to see a company actually deliver on them in any meaningful way. Not even in terms of price, just in terms of actually being able to market and distribute them competently.

  2. Is that actually Leila K? It looks like her, but I can’t believe it :O

    As for the equipment, it’s hard to tell what he’s actually doing and how much is just playback. As far as I can see, it looks like a fancy DJ table. I really hope it’s not but you’ve got to temper your expectations at this point when everyone and their donkey are revolutionizing how music is made.

    1. Sorry, unfortunately it is not Leila K, but another good rapper “Cleo”.

      I don’t know what Leila is doing today, but she has had problems with drugs, living as homeless in Stockholm etc etc. Very tragic, and I hope she some day will recover.

  3. Suck-o-meter is right. I started to feel watching this. But then again its not unlike most electronic live performances. A bunch of guys posing on stage hitting one or 2 switches or triggering a pad. I guess its somewhat genuine at least in that you get to see the move twitch their fingers.

  4. respect to the artists trying hard to do something they think is cool, but perhaps they should reevaluate their idea of what is cool.

  5. there’s no accounting for what people will do with disposable income. notice how underwhelmed the audience is. if he were playing music he practiced 10 years to present, there would be no audience. this interface is 2 years ahead of its time. a for effort

    up with cardboard shoulder pads.

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