The Fundamentals of Synthesizer Programming

This video,¬†via MoogMusicInc, is the third in Moog Music’s series on The Fundamentals of Synthesizer Programming, featuring¬†Dr. Joseph Akins.

Dr. Akins is an associate professor at Middle Tennessee State University and strives to teach his students a complete understanding of synthesizers and computers as tools for modern music production.

In this five part series Dr. Akins uses a Voyager to teach the process through which a synthesizer’s sound is generated and the techniques needed to program your own sounds and sonic experiments. In part three of this five part series Dr. Akins goes over signal modifiers and filters.

One thought on “The Fundamentals of Synthesizer Programming

  1. Moog Are clever, They seem to be using sites like these to saturate the net with the their product identity, like apple.Trying to occupy the market with the ‘claimed’ product superiority’
    Well done. A bit cheesey and the synths are overpriced but v clever.

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