The Protoclidean Sequencer For Ableton Live Lets You Explore Euclidean Rhythms

Developer Julien Bayle has announced a new sequencer for Ableton Live, The Protoclidean Sequencer.

The Protoclidean Sequencer is based on the Euclidean algorithm, one of the oldest mathematical algorithms known. The algorithm offers a simple way to distribute a particular number of objects inside a particular number of slots.

In musical terms, it lets you distribute a particular number of notes into a particular number of slots. This form of distribution is thought by some to underly many of the most fundamental rhythms across musical traditions.

For a deeper look at Euclidean algorithms & implementation into music, you can read this article: The Euclidean Algorithm Generates Traditional Musical Rhythms, by Godfried Toussaint.

The Protoclidean Sequencer lets you easily create sequences using odd or even number of steps, without the need of creating a lot of clips with different size in your Live set. You can also play live with it, using the banks storage/load feature.

See the video, embedded above, tor a demonstration of how this works.


  • 8 independant channels
  • step number + number of notes + offset + pitch + velocity for each channels
  • accurate synchro to Live transport
  • scaler helper to choose a scale across each channel
  • GM Drum-map mode with the 8 first standard MIDI Drum map notes accross channels
  • notes randomizer with min/max limits
  • all parameters are auto mappable to any control surfaces compatible with Live
  • built-in help
The Protoclidean Sequencer is available now for 19.00 EUR.

One thought on “The Protoclidean Sequencer For Ableton Live Lets You Explore Euclidean Rhythms

  1. good job. but the most intresting function of the original eucleadian sequencer are the posibility
    to offset impulse and accent!!!!! so if implement in the next version, the price would be ok.
    greets from kreuzberg.

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