New Dubstep ‘Wobble Synth’, Cyclop

Cyclop dubstep bass synthesizer

Sugar Bytes has announced a new ‘wobble synth”, Cyclop. 

Here’s what they have to say about Cyclop:

It’s a monophonic monster, armed to the teeth with jaw dropping effects and wobblier than a jelly on a space hopper. CYCLOP is the scratch-looping, sample-mashing, sub-generating, harmonic-splicing mothership of the twisted bass alliance and it’s landing on your desktop soon.

With masses of new sounds for you audio-junkies, from screaming analog syncs through brutal FM sounds to scintillating spectral shimmers. The integrated sampler also works as wavetable synth and pitch transformer for creating unbelievable and disturbing monster voices. CYCLOP is more than massively loaded with features: 10 incredible filters, unique wobble generator, feedback processor, 3 overdrives and an effects sequencer.

CYCLOP is expected to be released in spring 2012. Pricing is TBA.

Audio demo embedded below:

19 thoughts on “New Dubstep ‘Wobble Synth’, Cyclop

  1. So where’s the piano patch? Eh, I should not carp. I’m so bored with all forms of techno, anything that even says “dub” puts me right to sleep. I don’t want to merely judge and not appreciate enough. I DO love a lot of it, because I am a synth guy, but it also makes me feel restless. This basically looks like a fun tool, due respect; Turnado is also inspired. I just hear too much “experimentation” and not enough actual composition and practice a lot of the time. How do you lot see “The Line” between actually writing music you want to hear repeatedly over time versus just having better dance-fun through knob-turning?

  2. syncs, FM, and 3 overdrives is what caught my eye, but Thor has all that also, the distinct thing here is the Wobble generator… honestly i feel like that is pretty lame.

    10 filters is a plus but i know they will probably just be a variable of about 6 different ones. the wave table sounds cool. it seems to be an all in one synth.

    i would definitely love to try this synth, but the generic everything about how it is intended to be used really turns me off.

    while listening to that demo i tried to think of some sick vocal processing that could be done for a trance track, or something more Psytrance or IDM like. the first thing i would do is use this synth as a source for a vocoder.

  3. The problem with “wub wub”, whether you like it or not, is that it’s a one trick pony. No matter who makes it or what song it’s in, it all sounds the same. It’s like everyone is using exactly the same sample over and over in every track without working it over in the least. Or like the whammy bar dive on big 80s guitar. It was the same trick no matter who did it, and it got old pretty quick. Contrast that to other electronic music tricks that have more legs, like the filter sweep. The sweep is recognizable, but can be applied to so many things in so many ways that it stays mostly usable.

  4. Just another person trying to cash in on the grubstep virus, which, btw is now rapidly spreading globally

    This synth is just for people who cannot be bothered to learn how to use what is already available to make that “dagadagaga win win wobwob doo doo dada nnnnnnn bom boom skreeeeeetch!”

  5. “”The problem with “wub wub”, whether you like it or not, is that it’s a one trick pony. No matter who makes it or what song it’s in, it all sounds the same. ”

    It doesn’t. At least not more than – let’s say – all church organs in the world sound alike.

  6. You don’t HAVE to make dub step with it. Lol.

    I usually laugh at genre-specific plugins, but I’ll wait until I get to use it myself. SugàrBytes makes some awesome stuff, so I can’t imagine that this synth will be bad… There is a first time for everything though…

  7. I’m not hearing a very exciting demo in the above audio snippet.

    Guys – just because it can be used for Dub doesn’t mean it can’t also be considered a new instrument that has more to offer than wobbles….

    I look forward to getting my hands on this and twisting some killer patches out of it.

    – John Lehmkuhl
    Patches and free video tutorials

    1. I’d love to hear a new style of electronic music that didn’t sound like reggae, disco, T-Dream or a generator melting down and exploding because its being fed ten times its stated amperage capacity. Anything is possible with a synthesizer, ho ho!

  8. +1 for using this for psytrance music 😛 just as if not more twisted and screwed up than dubstep, you may find this beast making something much much more tasty and inspiring 🙂

  9. The idea of including a “Wobble Generator” immediately tells me that this is marketed towards lazy producers who want quick results and don’t actually care about how to make it your self. Instead of learning about LFO’s, filters etc, they just bundle the stuff into a “wobbler” kinda like Waves artist series gives you general terms like “Sub” “Spread”, but doesn’t tell you whats going on behind the scenes (although most of it’s pretty obvious)…

    And to the guy who says that all “wobbles” sound the same, I only agree to an extent. It’s fair to say there’s a lot of crap out there, but it’s the same thing in every genre, not just dubstep. There’s a lot of garbage metal, country, pop, jazz, etc etc… But go listen to Noisia i.e. and tell me that their sound design isn’t impressive. A lot of their stuff could fall under your broad umbrella of “wobbles”… Just saying.

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