New Music From Kraftwerk – Or Just Fake New Music From Kraftwerk?

Sonic State posted this music video today, listed as a new song from Kraftwerk, Music International. They note:

What appears to be this new(ish) tune was posted by youtube user 2011Klingklang. If it is them, perhaps its a taste of the new material. Unusually polyphonic in its arrangement, it still bears a number of very Kraftwerkian elements and is reminiscent of post 2003 Tour De France Soundtracks album. Though I’m not entirely convinced.

Comments have been disabled and views are not as high as one might expect for the genuine article. However, a visit to the official website seems to tally with the graphical look and possibly elements of the sound beds that accompany various sections of the Flash enabled website.

I’m not ‘entirely convinced’, either. It sounds like someone may had some fun with the Synth-Werk sample library. Either way, though, I kind of like it.

What do you think? New Kraftwerk…..  or just new fake Kraftwerk?

14 thoughts on “New Music From Kraftwerk – Or Just Fake New Music From Kraftwerk?

    1. very interested in buying Synth Werk if I can use the samples on my MPC. does anyone know if those samples (apparently powered by Yellow Tools and require an engine to playback) can be converted to WAV files for use on my MPC?

  1. While it is a nice attempt I do not believe this to be the real thing. The speech synth isn’t right, the arrangement too busy and the reverbs not quite there. If I’m wrong it would because without Florian the band sounds different.

  2. Somebody put a lot of work into that video – a lot of effort for a fake KW track but then, it has been confirmed as a fake though, not a deliberate attempt to defraud, just a demo for the sample pac. Perhaps someone who just wanted to show off their mograph abilities?

  3. While the music could be Kraftwerk, the video looks not like it, I don’t belive they would use some old photos (like that Numbers or Radioactivity one) in a new video. The design looks like crap, too cheesy, its not like Kraftwerks form/function design.

  4. Listen to Couleur 3 La Planète bleue 9 march 2012 (or podcast it on itunes) (or Revelations will be mad about the identity of the authors. RH

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    1. You are right. Reynold Trueman is leaving in Geneva. He is french and Kraftwerk fan. It is not his real name but an anagram of his name.

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