Dodecaudion Spatial Multimedia Controller Now Available


Developers panGenerator have announced that the Dodecaudion electronic music controller is now available.

The Dodecaudion is a spatial audiovisual controller in the shape of a regular dodecahedron. Each of its walls is equipped with an infrared-detecting “eye” that collects information on the presence and position of the musician’s hand.

Here’s a demonstration of the Dodecaudion in action:

The heart of Dodecaudion is an Arduino and open source software. The Arduino collects data from all the Dodecaudion sensors and sends them to a computer.

Dodecaudion connects via Blutooth to computers. Messages are translated and retransmitted via OSC (software for Mac OSX and Windows available for download).


  • Arduino Uno,
  • Dodecaudion Shield rev. 2.0,
  • Alluminium and polymer composites housing,
  • Power source (230 V for EU continental outlets)
  • USB cable (not neccesary for normal operation but handy for tinkering with microprocessor code)

It’s available now and priced at 5,000 PLN, which translates into around US $1,600.

via Thereminworld

9 thoughts on “Dodecaudion Spatial Multimedia Controller Now Available

  1. Put 12 D-beams on a linear bar all facing the same direction and people would say it was lame. Put them in a dodecahedron and it’s somehow innovative.

    I’ll put the same questions to this as I do to any trendy new controller gizmo:

    1 – Can the girl in the video re-create that performance again so that it would be recognizable?
    2 – If any other person played that instrument, would they produce the same “song” as the girl in the video due to the inherent limitations of the controller and sample loop set?
    3 – If the girl in the video were to play a second song, would it sound essentially the same as the first one?

    I suspect the answers are, no, yes, and yes. If a controller can’t provide precise, repeatable and predictable control over a sound generator than the human involved is nothing more than a random number. All emotion and performance is assumed and not actual.

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for all yor comments. You certainly pointed some weakness of this device / promo video. Please mind that Dodecaudion does _not_ try to be “optimal” or “uber-precise” controller – that is not the main idea behind this experimental project. Dodecaudion tries to provide the control that is different in performative, gesticular, terms. We’re not trying to compete with well established controllers equipped with standard interfaces. That’s ongoing exploration of different approaches to movement expression in music 🙂

    Here you can find a video from the first concert ( mind the low quality of sound recording / mixing though ) – And, as it was very first attempt, it’s not unveiling the full potential in terms of expression – stay tuned for upcoming live performances.

  3. We’ve been following this discussion very closely, as we find it touches an important topic.
    Please understand that Dodecaudion is not a mass-produced controller „made in China”. Each model is made individually, which brings up the manufacturing costs, as the sensors and the construction process itself are both expensive. But you’re right, Arduino is one of Dode’s cheapest components. We are constantly improving Dode and trying to cut down its production costs.
    Besides, what we also value in Dodecaudion is its very design – to us it’s more than just about the usability aspect.
    Remember that together with panGenerator we make Dodecaudion under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 . The DIY download files are available under this link: We’re waiting for your feedback at [email protected].

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