iPad 3, Seline HD, Omni TR & AudioTool Sketch On Sonic Touch

Speculation about the iPad 3, Seline HD, Omni TR and AudioTool Sketch for Android are the topics on the latest episode of Sonic Touch, featuring Gaz Williams and Nick Batt of Sonic State.

One thought on “iPad 3, Seline HD, Omni TR & AudioTool Sketch On Sonic Touch

  1. I’m interested in an Android version of the Omni TR for my Nexus 10 32 GB.

    I’d really like to see the current Androd supported (more) in the music software business. I’m not an Apple fan (once burned, overrated, overpriced, etc.) The newest like Nexus 10 and Galaxy 3S (4S to be released in Mar. 2013) have powerful CPU’s and GPU’s that equal or best the iPad and they use the latest and greatest Jellybean 4.2 OS for ease of use (my Mother can navigate the apps easily). Many in the industry think that Android will surpass the iPad’s performance specs in 2013 by leaps and bounds, yet do so at a more reasonable price point.

    Alas, it’ll be the apps that makes the iPad remain superior since even their retna display has been bested.

    Ipad 4 versus Nexus 10 (on paper)
    Ipad 4 – 1.4GHz A6X Dual Core
    Nexus 10 – 1.7GHz Exynos (Samsung) ARM Architecture

    Ipad 4 – 1GB
    Nexus 10 – 2GB

    Ipad 4- 264 PPI 2048×1536 9,7″ screen
    Nexus 10 – 300 PPI 2560×1600 10.1″ screen

    Ipad 4 – 16gb (Assuming $500 model)
    Nexus 10 – 32gb ($500)
    Both cannot be expanded (internally with a SD card or something similar) but both have external storage options (Nexus 10 having a little more).

    I’ve heard mixed things about this, heard one report say that the Nexus 10 gets better battery life (hard to believe considering the better resolution). However it could be conceivable because of such a large battery.
    Ipad 4 – 11 Hours
    Nexus 10 – 9 hours

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