The Techno Viking Action Figure

Techno Viking Action Figure

Techno Viking has apparently been immortalized as an action figure.

The Techno Viking Action Figure features over 16 points of articulation, and even comes with authentic mis-matched socks:

Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to find a source for purchasing the Techno Viking Action Figure, only this image. The Techno Viking Action Figure would be an inspiration in the Synthtopia Electronic Music Laboratory, so let us know if you find a source for it!

For the kids, the Techno Viking was made famous after he was captured on video (below) at the Berlin Fuckparade 2000, a techno street parade. In the video, a blue-haired girl is seen dancing, when a drunk guy crashes into her. The Techno Viking remedies the situation with a fierce gaze, before having a drink of water and then dancing through the streets.

Remember: The Techno Viking doesn’t dance to the music, the music dances to the Techno Viking.

Update: Unfortunately, it appears that the Techno Viking Action Figure is a one-off creation. This will have to go on the shelf next to the Kraftwerk Action Figures that never got made.

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12 thoughts on “The Techno Viking Action Figure

  1. Never heard of him, don’t care. I’ll fight my way to the front of the queue when the “Brett Domino Trio” set of action figures is released, though.

  2. The action figure is custom made by a fan and not for sale. I contacted Square Enix and got the following reply: Dear Morgan,

    We are very sorry to inform you that the figure you are referring about is not an official product therefore we won’t sell it.

    Please accept our apologies for the confusion.

    Kind regards,

    The Square Enix Merchandise Support Team.

    So get ur brushes and make it yourself!

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