Buchla 200e Meets Little MIDI Machine

This video captures some experimentation with a Buchla 200e modular synthesizer and Synthetic Bits’ Little MIDI Machine, a free software step sequencer for the iPad.

As the video demonstrates, Little MIDI Machine can make a fairly powerful step sequencing option for both MIDI and CV gear.

Technical Details:

  • Lilttle MIDI Machine running on an iPad
  • IK Multimedia iRig MIDI Interface
  • Kenton Pro SOlo MK II MIDI to CV converter
  • Buchla 200e modular sequencer

6 thoughts on “Buchla 200e Meets Little MIDI Machine

  1. and that was two horrendous wastes of electrons right in front of our eyes!

    The Buchla can do a lot more than these itty little blips. I mean a lot.(*)

    And the app seems to use a lot of screen space for sliders that anyway just have 127 steps.
    It would have fit the screen about 4 times over, and could offer many more options. Maybe it does.

    (*) you got that, right? A lot!

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