Madrona Soundplane Software Update

Madrona Labs, who are developing the new Soundplane multitouch instrument, posted this demonstration of the latest version of their Soundplane software.

They note:

You can see the speed and accuracy of the touch tracking from 12 bits of pressure information at about 1000 frames per second. I need to measure the latency better but it’s down under 5ms, and can probably be improved a bit more.

The software is partially done– there is another page to be completed where you can set up zones that function as notes and controllers.

2 thoughts on “Madrona Soundplane Software Update

    1. Hi Justin, the version you were playing with was a prototype with very different surface materials. (This final surface hardware is less than a couple of weeks old, so that’s how I can be sure.) I hope you get to try out the finished hardware sometime.

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