Retronyms Bringing Akai MPC Fly To Tabletop

Retronyms today made an interesting announcement – it’s bringing the Akai MPC Fly app to Tabletop, its virtual studio for the iPad.

MPC Fly, announced at this year’s NAMM Show, is a hardware + software combination that turns an iPad into an old-school style MPC. The MPC Fly hardware is an iPad case that doubles as an MPC controller. The MPC Fly app runs on the iPad and offers basic MPC functionality.

Here’s what Retronyms has to say about the Akai deal:

As you may know, we’re working with Akai Pro on the official MPC App for iPad. And now we can announce that the MPC will be available as a device inside Tabletop!

The MPC on iPad is going to be a blast with classic MPC beat making features, sweet effects, and a killer sampling workflow, and now you’ll be able to work this legendary device into your Tabletop sessions!

Possibly the best part is how it works: owners of the stand alone MPC app will automatically unlock the MPC device in Tabletop for free — no need to purchase it twice!

Pricing and availability are to come.

What do you think of the idea of running an Akai MPC in Tabletop?

15 thoughts on “Retronyms Bringing Akai MPC Fly To Tabletop

  1. From what I’ve seen so far from the MPC Fly previews, I’m not very interested.
    My focus is on running Lemur or TouchOSC on my iPad to control software running on my computer.
    Should I care that these folks can squeeze a DAW-lite environment out of the Ipad’s limited hardware?
    Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see a compelling use case.

  2. Wow, this may actually get me to use tabletop. I’ve never really vibes with it since I bought it, but this is a cool add on idea to mpc fly. As long as everything is fully exportable, I’m in.

  3. mpc fly. am i the only one that thinks the marketing is solely aimed at 17yr old beatmakerz?
    dont give a flying fuck personally…

  4. well, lets see what it will do, imaschine is good but you cannot acp, if mpc can acp lol, then ill try it

    guess we find out in a few days

  5. For those not familiar with the original MPC hardware, but like the paradigm, in what ways is MPC Fly better than BeatMaker 2?

  6. personally I’m rather looking forward to the mpc fly, hardware and software- I think velocity sensitive touchpads would be a great addition to my music making setup on the ipad

  7. So what about users of TableTop that buy MPC Fly through in app purchase?
    Will they also be eligible to get the stand alone version for free?

      1. What did I say that didn’t make sense? Bunch of cock heads on this site. Word is bond.

        If you buy the standalone version you get it free in tabletop. Why purchase the other way around.

        Bunch of silly ass mf’s in the world. Kill yourself.

  8. i think once its purchased as in app on their tabletop, one should be able to install as a seperate app, but to be sure, might be wise to buy it seperate then add on for free on tabletop

    i would wait a couple of days after release to see what others got away with, remember some got some in apps free by some anything can happen. new territory as ive never seen an app being purchased and also available as an in app buy

    i really wish akai would add acp to synthstation, i like that app a lot

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