MPC Fly For The iPad 2 First Look

Akai Pro has released this intro video for the MPC Fly music production center case fo the iPad 2:

MPC Fly merges unmatched Akai Professional technology with the power of your iPad 2, embodying legendary capabilities that have made the MPC an industry standard like real MPC pads, MPC Note Repeat and MPC Swing.

Its multifunctional, double-hinged design gives you the flexibility to produce tracks anywhere, while also acting as a protective case between sessions and giving you total access to your iPad 2 for normal uses.

MPC Fly transforms your iPad 2 into a professional beat-making powerhouse.

We’ll have full specs once Akai has officially released them at the 2012 NAMM Show.

Update: Here are the official specs:

MPC FLY Hardware

  • The first MPC designed specifically for iPad 2
  • Fitted compartment for iPad 2 provides fully integrated portable MPC solution
  • 16 backlit genuine MPC pads with MPC Note Repeat & MPC Swing
  • Works seamlessly with the MPC App: sequence & sample editing, effects, EQ and more
  • Create beats on the go and transfer to a Mac or PC for further mastering
  • Double-hinged case sits upright, lies flat or closes for transport
  • Compatible with virtually any Core MIDI app
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Charges iPad when plugged into wall power

MPC Fly iPad App

  • Sequence four tracks simultaneously: four-track mixer built in
  • Built in sound library of samples and drum kits
  • Record and overdub sequences and create and edit your own Programs
  • 16-Levels mode: play one sample at 16 levels of attack, velocity, length, and tuning
  • Note variation slider allows you to manipulate attack, velocity, length, and tuning as you play
  • Built-in effects: delay, bit crusher, master compressor/limiter
  • Time correct: 1/8 note – 1/32T with variable Swing setting
  • Note Repeat: 1/8 note – 1/32T timing
  • Sample using internal mic or line-in and trim and categorize samples
  • Sample from your iPod library with turntable interface
  • Share on SoundCloud, Facebook or twitter
  • Supports WIST, Wireless Sync Start protocol from Korg
  • Supports AudioPaste

40 thoughts on “MPC Fly For The iPad 2 First Look

  1. cool. but what if Apple decides to make the ipad 3 a bit smaller and/or thinner? does that mean this thing will be redundant? i have the same question about all these hardware ipad extensions…

    1. When I bought the Alesis IO dock I planned that my iPad 1 would someday be too old to upgrade, at which point it at the IO dock just “become” a full time instrument, locked at whatever revision is current at the time. It’s a pretty cool way to look at it really, and rather than being obsolete adds much more potential life to your hardware. Instead of useless tech in a closet, you get a full time Animoog, or even a full time 1-0f-10 instruments.

      1. Good point but there are those of us who are likely going from an iPad1 to iPad3, skipping the 2. Since iPad3 is rumored to be in production, it would be smart to wait.

  2. Well, if they’re smart, they’ll take a note from Alesis and make it with enough space to have interchangeable adapters. iPad 3 is looking to be closer in size to iPad 1 than iPad 2. If they keep the price down on these, and make it core midi, they will sell a ton.

    1. good info. if thats true – i am getting one asap. also alesis is a numark/akai company so this should be all ipad compatible…hmm it only says ipad 2 tho.

  3. Give me the MPC app, They could keep the attatchment. That thing would just get in my way and tie me down to a stand etc. Its cool looking and could be useful for velocity, but
    aint noting like the freedom of the stand alone iPad. I have become one with mine. Can’t wait to try out the app.

  4. Hardware looks useful, but the app looks horrible. Only 4 tracks? And what’s with the ui? Looks like a horrible waste of space. Beatmaker 2 already does 80% of what the mpc1000 does and a few other things it doesn’t. I’d be amazed if the akai software (whose other iOS software left users screaming for refunds) even came close.

    Looks like the same deal as the iOS maschine software: a crippled advertisement for their hardware. Kind of reminds me of this tiger handheld versions of Nintendo games (mega man 2, anyone) which were horrible and nothing like the games themselves, but you had to own anyway because mega man was your shit.

    One other thing…anyone ever notice that akai seems to believe that anytime they put pads on something they become “genuine mpc pads”? It’s kind of infuriating. The fly and studio pads are clearly nothing like any of the Pads any mpc has ever had.

    1. very true. that is what bugs me with akai. they are pushing the mpc brand everywhere and watering it down as a consequence. also the C now stands for controller? guy that made that decision is a straight idiot. mpc crowd is so proud and protective of the “hardware” heritage, and nukai just crapped on it.

  5. I want one but I’ll probably be disappointed by the app… I REALLY hope the software side of things is good and not too watered down.

      1. if you have to stare at the “mpc skin” while sequencing – that has to be most shameful waste of space and extremenly lazy app design. 0 innovation.

  6. If this thing has no other ports then no way. I have a iPad 2 and a MPC 1000 and they work just fine. But I’m not seeing any ports, so I don’t know yet.

  7. This will be the most expensive case for the ipad. Everyone will wish it will cost $79, but this will be around 2-250. Id buy it at $129…

  8. So, you have the physical pads, and then a display of the same pads… on a touchscreen?
    What’s the point? I mean I’m a fan of a certain amount of redundancy in design, but that’s just bizarre! Surely it would be a better idea to have the screen dedicated to something more useful, such as sample editing.

  9. I may be wrong, but this looks pretty flakey to me, both hardware and software. I don’t trust the build quality of things that integrate and rotate around like that. It’s a recipe for broken screens and dropped devices.

  10. so those are genuine mpc pads … isee .. interesting, never saw mine glow, and only extending 2mm out of the controller^^

    probably i missed something, but is it really meant that when you use the software and the controller, you see the controller on the ipad screen? is this really the idea? zoom like pads and a software that shows original mpc pads 🙂

    dear akai, if you want people to use your software with your controller you should think of a dedicated screen that consists of a timeline, and all buttons and sliders that are NOT present on the controller, some kind of command screen.

    otherwise i like it, and will use it for nanostudio, though sampling from itunes is really clever and nicely made

  11. Wow, 299 is really high for this. If that’s msrp, and street brings it to 199, then maybe. But I’m afraid akai is overshooting here.

  12. i still can’t figure out what my iPad is FOR, what it can do BETTER than any of the pre-existing, fully developed, time tested (and offten lower cost), music -making solutions it attempts to replicate. So far, nothing – seriously. this looks alot like the same situation… and when did Akai forget about REAL midi?

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