Tone2 Saurus Looks Like A Sexy New Analog Synthesizer

Tone 2 Saurus Synthesizer

Tone2 has released this teaser image for the Saurus Analog Synthesizer, saying nothing more than ‘Saurus will be available soon’.

Based on the image, Saurus looks like an awesomely tasty new analog synth. But we’re going to assume that it’s going to be a new virtual analog VSTi, with a gratuitously sexy 3D ad.

We’ll let you know when Tone2 releases more details!

11 thoughts on “Tone2 Saurus Looks Like A Sexy New Analog Synthesizer

  1. Two screens, 61-keys, looking like twice as large as a Virus– If it were real, what would it cost, about $6,000? Cat Woman would break into stately Wayne Manor and steal it, that’s the only way people would get to play it.

  2. the graphics dept kinda screwed up the proportions there, otherwise it would be another vst that I often wish would appear in the real world as hardware

  3. This will not be a physical device. Look at that image. It’s a poor computer rendering. They’re not going to pull an Arturia and release a hardware synth.

      1. Making fun of these renders is one of my favorite running things on this great site. I remember noticing around the d16 Nepheton release. Has this fun been going on longer than that? As for the synth I have Tone2’s 3 previous synths. While very digital in character they are nice and full sounding. Markus’ DSP skills are clearly very high, so I would not be surprised if he might have this one venture into that u-he and Xils Lab realm of convincing VA.

  4. all these virtual synth , with rendered pics remind me of the creepy war hammer people. They think it real , its another piece of wank software

    1. Tone2 has apparently been posting details in a teaser thread at the KVRAudio site.

      “Key features:

      – True Analog Modeling Technology: The circuits of several famous synthesizers have been measured, analyzed and carefully modeled

      – Mono, Legato & Polyphonic modes employing analog voice management

      – High-end quality Effects

      – Switchable (on/off) Psycho-Acoustic processing mode

      – Arpeggiator section with extensive configuration possibilities; chord steps, step velocity,…

      – Modulation Matrix with several new modulation possibilities, including unique modulation value modifiers

      – Programmable Gate

      – Two Syncable Oscillators and two Sub Oscillators; including a large number of waveforms from exotic analog synths

      – Pulse Width Modulation and sync available on every waveform, Tone control and Noise Modulation applicable to all oscillator shapes

      – Oscillator drift and phase control

      – High quality analog filter section with self-oscillation, nonlinearity, 6 filter types, filter FM and filter feedback

      – LFOs capable of running at audio-rate modulation

      – Analog modeled Distortion and Tube amp

      – 4x Stereo Unison modes with spread and panning control

      – Ring modulator”

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