Endeavour Evo Touch Sensitive Keyboard Now 1199€

Endeavour has announced new pricing for the Evo keyboard, described as the “world’s first keyboard with touch sensitive keys”: We understand the creative potential of this technology, and would therefore be delighted if everyone owned an evo. For that reason we continually strive to optimize our production process with the aim of optimizing the sale price.… Read More Endeavour Evo Touch Sensitive Keyboard Now 1199€

The Seelake AudioStation Audio Workstation

Musikmesse 2012: The Seelake AudioStation is a all-in-one audio workstion, combining a powerful CPU, multiple audio and MIDI inputs and outputs and microphone preamplifiers in one device. AudioStation functions: Powerful Multi-Instrument VST Player VST Multi-FX Rack Advanced MIDI Patchbay Performance Digital Audio Recorder VST and audio Digital Mixer Multi-Track Digital Audio Player Main features: Powerful processor… Read More The Seelake AudioStation Audio Workstation

The Innovative Systems Ribbon Tube Synth

Musikmesse 2012: Innovative Instruments was showing the Ribbon Tube Synth, a custom synth created from a Doepfer Ribbon Controller, what looks to be a Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1, a speaker and a giant tube. And some beer. It’s currently priced at 799 Euro. See the Innovative Instruments site for details.