Renoise 2.8 Now Available For Linux, Mac & Windows

Developers have announced that Renoise, the multi-platform tracker style DAW, has been officially updated to version 2.8.

Here’s what’s new in Renoise 2.8:

  • 64-bit Support:
    • 64-bit versions for all platforms: Windows, OSX and Linux
    • Plug-in bridge allows 32-bit plug-ins to be used within 64-bit Renoise
    • Full Rewire 64-bit support
  • Reworked Pattern Matrix:
    • Alias individual pattern slots in the matrix, i.e. treat them like clips
    • Edit one slot and have changes propagate to all other aliases
    • Quickly clone or alias slots by dragging their edges
    • Use section headers to group parts of the song together
  • Track Groups & Collapsing:
    • Group tracks into logical units, collapse them for better overview
    • Flexible routing of group tracks
    • Collapsed tracks use minimal space, while still providing a quick overview
    • Pattern effects in groups will affect all member tracks simultaneously
    • Automatically collapse all tracks except the one you are focussing on
    • Color code tracks with adjustable background colors
  • DSP Effects and Meta Devices:
    • New DSP Multitap delay for spaced out filtered echo madness
    • New DSP Repeater for st-st-st-stuttery goodness
    • New DSP Exciter to make your mixes sparkle
    • New Meta Mixer allowing blending of modulation signals into one output
    • Improved EQs with bigger graphs and all values can be automated
    • Improved Send devices, which can now be individually panned
    • New and improved crossover filters for the Multi Send device
  • Other Workflow Improvements:
    • Sample Editor channels can be edited separately
    • Significantly faster sample loading
    • New and improved spectrum view with phase correlation meter in Phase Scope
    • Side-by-side comparison of two tracks in the spectrum view
    • New pattern effects: Tremolo, Auto Pan, Set Envelope Position
    • Logical mnemonics for pattern effects from A to Z instead of cryptic numbers
    • Hyper-threading support for new Intel i5 and i7 CPUs and others
    • Various audio engine speed optimizations for all platforms
    • New Favorites system for plug-ins and native DSP devices
    • Expandable and detachable Envelope Editor
    • Memorize last used bank/preset paths per plug-in
    • Automatically name rendered songs/patterns

Renoise 2.8 is available now for Linux, Mac & Windows for 58 Euro.

3 thoughts on “Renoise 2.8 Now Available For Linux, Mac & Windows

  1. They’ve changes the pattern effects since the beta and it’s been hell adjusting to new ones for me. Maybe better for new users but for old ones it’s breaking the habit and muscle memory of many years.

  2. Renoise is fantastic!!! Been a user for some time, unlike anything else….2.8 is wow! Now if the would do max for renoise/ pd for renoise, or super collider for renoise…renoise would be the perfect workstation( well native realtime timestretching , then it would be perfect) I’ve made more tracks with renoise that any other software midi environment…you can’t go wrong with renoise! Dk

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