Addictive Synth Version 2 Adds New Synthesis Options

VirSyn has released Addictive Synth Version 2, an update to its software synthesizer for iOS that adds new synthesis options.

Here’s what’s new in Addictive Synth v2:

  • Spectral noise generator with dynamic filter structure.
  • Hi end reverberation unit.
  • GUI updated with retina display.
  • 32 new presets.
  • Many MIDI controllers added.

See the video, below, for an overview of the new features:

Addictive Synth is available in the App Store for a limited time for $5.99 (normally $9.99).

If you’ve used Addictive Synth, let us know what you think of it!

6 thoughts on “Addictive Synth Version 2 Adds New Synthesis Options

  1. Spectral noise generator? Not only does that sound cool, but it might help me understand filtering on Addictive Synth (AS) better. I’ve gotten cool noises out of it, but getting consistent results with AS is hard for me; I seriously just deleted it from my iPad last week. But, I’ll definitely give AS another shot.

  2. No discount in the UK so far..whats going on, did we offend someone?

    Would be interested to know if the looper can now loop in time to incoming midi sync…if anyone has bought/upadated can you let me know?

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