Boss Intros VE-5 Vocal Performer Effects Processor

At Musicmesse 2012, BOSS has announced the VE-5 Vocal Performer, a compact  personal effects processor and looper.

The VE-5 inherits effects from BOSS’ VE-20 Vocal Performer pedal, including reverb, delay, double/harmony, and dynamics processing. Also on board is realtime pitch correction and special effects processing via the TONE/SFX category. A built-in phrase looper lets users capture vocal performances with effects and loop them on the fly for exciting real-time presentations.


  • Easy one-touch operation.
  • Six types of high-quality vocal effects inherited from the VE-20 – Reverb, Delay, Double/Harmony, Dynamics, Pitch Correct, and Tone/SFX.
  • Phrase Looper adds impact to real-time vocal performances, including harmonizing and layered beatboxing.
  • Favorite Sound function provides immediate access to preferred sounds.
  • Ideal for live performance, as well as tabletop setups; mic-stand mount included.
  • Internal microphone for instant gratification.
  • Aux input for blending external music.
  • Battery operation for street performance (AC adapter sold separately).

The VE-5 Vocal Performer will be available in late spring. Pricing is TBA.

7 thoughts on “Boss Intros VE-5 Vocal Performer Effects Processor

  1. cool….wanna get one….and a good used ve-20 and vt-1 along with two whammy pedals and either a DOD American Metal Pedal or a Boss metal/hardrock pedal,blues tube screamer.

  2. 1- ve 20 has 3 part harmonies, the ve5 has 2
    2- ve5 allows one to pause loop playback and resume, with the ve20 pausing playback erases the loop phrase (this is big IMHO)
    3- ve5 has aux in the ve20 does not
    4- ve20 is stereo and allows for specific pan levels L/R for harmonies, the ve5 is mono
    5- ve5 is for use with hands not feet (option to buy pedals for foot control)
    6- ve5 comes with 1/8″ audio cable and has volume control dial for headphones/line output, very handy!
    7- ve5 has 3 one touch buttons to call up fav presets
    8- ve20 uses 6 AA batteries, ve5 uses 4
    9- in place of several 3 part harmony presets that exist on the ve20 the ve 5 has added some new ones
    10- ve5 comes with hardware to attach to mic stand
    11- ve20 has 1/4″ phones/line out jack, the ve5 has an 1/8″ phones/line out

    summary: both have quality sounds, remember that with the loop function a singer can add as many harmony parts as wanted.
    which to get? For me the pause loop ability with the ve5 was the clincher with the aux in a close second. I mic Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and voice with the ve5 in my healing practice (tried the ve20 and it worked great but i prefer using buttons) . Hope this is helpful.

    1. Yaquin,

      I’d be really interested in hearing about your healing practice, if you have a spare moment to chat.



  3. I just discovered that the VE-20 doesn’t have the pause/resume function, after buying it. This is a big hiccup for me. Do you know if there are any other options (e.g. extra on/off pedals) I could add to create this function?

  4. Does anyone tell me the difference between Roland Boss VT-1 and VE5. I mean which one is better in term of voice changing. The VT-1 has been discontinued and hard to get one now. Don’t know where to buy one of these. VE5 comes after VT-1 therefore it should have more functions and user friendly than VT-1, I assume. However many guys tell me VT-1 is the best in terms of voice changing. Please advise me VT-1 or VE5 (or anything else) that best can change the voice (e.g from male to female, children)


  5. I want to create my own harmony my playing chords.. bought the ve-5.. figured out it plays the own harmony inspite of plugging in keyboard chords.. It sounds off wen der r accidental chords… how to rectify the problem..pls help
    Don’t knw if it’s possible or if any changes in settings has to be done..

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