Free Live Downloads From Ableton

Ableton sent word about several free downloads for Live users, featuring the work of artists Hecq, Dauwd &  Robot Koch.

Hecq’s new Live Pack is a distillation of his sound aesthetic – a blend of IDM and glitch, infused with a dose of dubstep elements. It features processed percussion sounds and rhythmic noise loops, punchy kicks and filtered chords.

Here’s an example of Hecq’s work:

See the Ableton site for the free download.

British producer Dauwd (Dauwd Al Hilali) makes music out of such seemingly disparate sources as old jazz records and field recordings from nature.

When making a beat, Dauwd seeks out “natural rhythms,” which he defines as: “[finding] a groove in something that perhaps you wouldn’t expect, for example maybe a recording of an object falling and rolling on the ground. There would be an infinite amount of detail in this, where you could isolate any part and work with the ‘natural groove/rhythm’ it creates. This would be impossible to recreate through MIDI alone, and gives a really organic sound.”

Dauwd demonstrates his workflow in a free Live Pack, downloadable from his label’s site.

Finally, Ableton has released this video, featuring Robot Koch demonstrating the tweaks in Live that let him create his distinctive grooves:

You can download Nano, the track featured in the video, at the Ableton site.

5 thoughts on “Free Live Downloads From Ableton

  1. Not to be a hater, I mean someone sat there and made this. But it was so unoriginal, seemed to be a carbon copy of all the cheezy 90s MTV dissonant cliches that it nearly put me to sleep

  2. I switched completely to Live since version 5. Since that time I have always been very happy with that DAW, also the support works really great (they always were able to help when I had a problem), but instead of releasing loads of live packs the should really get up and add 64bit and multi monitor support (just for example). Now, Live 9 has not even been officially announced, but bitwig beta is not that far away, will give it a try when it comes out!

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