Roland Wireless Connect Lets You Record Wirelessly To iPhones

Roland Wireless Connect

Musikmesse 2012: Roland Wireless Connect is a system that allows Roland electronic musical instruments to communicate fluidly with the iPhone.

The system consists of a wireless USB adapter and two new iOS apps (Air Recorder and V-Drums Friend Jam).

  • Air Recorder –¬†With the Air Recorder app, audio can be recorded from a Roland synthesizer, V-Accordion, or V-Drums* directly into the iPhone. Songs can also be played from the iPhone and sent to the instrument, where you can jam along and record the result back in Air Recorder. You can export your recorded songs to other apps as well.
  • V-Drums Friend Jam for iPhone is an iOS version of V-Drums Friend Jam. While the Mac/Windows version of V-Drums Friend Jam requires a USB or MIDI connection from a V-Drums sound module to a computer, Roland Wireless Connect provides a direct, cable-free connection from the module to the iPhone. The app allows V-Drums users across the globe to interact with each other while improving their drumming skills with play-along audio songs and practice evaluation features.

Here’s the official intro video for Roland Wireless Connect:

USB Wireless Connectivity

The hardware portion of Roland Wireless Connect is a simple, compact wireless USB adapter (model # WNA1100-RL, manufactured by NETGEAR and distributed by Roland) that plugs into the USB port on a Roland instrument. In order for the mobile device to communicate with compatible musical instruments, you need a wireless LAN access point with an Internet connection.

Compatible Instruments

The following instruments are compatible with the Roland Wireless Connect system. Synthesizers: JUNO-Di, JUNO-Gi, JUPITER-80, JUPITER-50, Lucina AX-09, and BK-5/BK-5 OR. V-Drums Sound Modules: TD-30, TD-15, and TD-11. V-Accordions: FR-1x.

Pricing and availability are to come.

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