Universal Audio Apollo Recording System Now Shipping

Musikmesse 2012: Universal Audio (UA) has announced worldwide shipment of Apollo, a high-resolution audio interface that combines UA’s analog design heritage with UAD Powered Plug-Ins for a complete recording system for Mac and Windows*.

“Apollo is the culmination of 10 years of analog and digital audio development here at UA,” said Bill Putnam Jr., Universal Audio founder. “In many ways, it’s brought the analog and digital sides of our company together. With Apollo, we’re delivering the sound, feel, and flow of analog recording with all the conveniences of modern digital equipment, including next-generation Thunderbolt technology.”


Analog Inputs 4 x XLR, 8 x TRS, 2 x hi-Z 1/4″
Analog Outputs 10 x TRS, 2 x 1/4″ headphone
Digital Inputs 1 x RCA coaxial S/PDIF, 2 x ADAT
Digital Outputs 1 x RCA coaxial S/PDIF, 2 x ADAT
MIDI In/Out No
Sync In/Out 2 x BNC Word Clock
Connectivity 2 x FireWire 800, optional Thunderbolt card
Sample Rate 44.1, 48, 88,2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz
Input Level Max input level, minimum gain with pad, Mic: 23.9 dBV Line: 18dBV
Gain Range Mic: +10 to +65 dB, Line: +10 to +65dB, Hi-Z: +10 to +65dB
Output Level Line: 18dBV, Monitor: 18dBV, Headphones: 80 mW
Output Impedance Line: 600 Ohms, Monitor: 600 Ohms, Headphones: 12 Ohms
Output Dynamic Range Line: 118 dB (A-weighting), Monitor: 115 dB (A-weighting), Headphones: 113 dB (A-weighting)
Output THD + N Line: -106 dB, Monitor: -103 dB, Headphones: -101 dB
Output Signal to Noise Ratio Line: 118 dB (A-weighting), Monitor: 114 dB (A-weighting), Headphones: 113 dB (A-weighting)
Crosstalk Analog Inputs 1 – 8: >120 dB
Frequency Response Analog Inputs, Line Outputs, Monitor, Headphone: 20Hz – 20kHz, ±0.1 dB
Power Consumption 6.5 amperes
Dimensions (WxHxD) 19 x 1.75 x 13.5″ (483 x  44 x 343 mm) (1U 19″ rack mount, including protrusions)
Weight 9.1 lb (4.1 kg)

The Apollo High-Resolution Audio Interface is now available in both DUO CORE and QUAD CORE processing formats with estimated street prices of $1,999 (DUO processing model) and $2,499 (QUAD processing model). Apollo’s Thunderbolt Option Card will be shipping in Summer 2012, with pricing TBD.

*Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7; Windows 7 support coming Summer 2012.

See the UA site for more information about Apollo & UAD-2 plug-ins.

7 thoughts on “Universal Audio Apollo Recording System Now Shipping

  1. I haven’t used UAD plugins so I don’t know whether or not I like them, but the potential improvement in latency with a Thunderbolt based audio interface looks very exciting.
    I wonder how much the Thunderbolt Option Card will be?

  2. I haven’t used this, hope to get one some day, but the coolest feature I read about this is that you can use it as a standalone effects processor. Synth -> Apollo in -> plugin -> Apollo out -> mixer, without going through the computer.

    Now look at some of their effects plugs (which are very very high quality): Roland Dimension D, CE-1 chorus, ADA Flanger, various tape delays, EMT plate reverbs, analog sounding tapes and EQs… this is potentially a killer effects processor.

    The plugs are pricey but really, really good. Just wish I hadn’t bought a new audio interface and a UAD Satellite Duo last year before this was announced…

  3. Just letting PC users know that the Apollo drivers are now held up futher.
    The latest update, which took months to appear on the UA website now says expected last quarter of 2012.
    Universal Audios support for windows users continues to be sorroful and likely will not change.
    Don’t waiste your time waiting for this one if you are a PC user.

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