Free Soundpack For The Novation UltraNova, Synth Guru Vol.2

Novation has released a new soundpack for the UltraNova synthesizer by sound designer Daniel FisherSynth Guru Vol 2.

The Soundpack features patches that emulate well-known sounds from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, along with new sonic creations ‘for the 21st Century’.

The Soundpack is a free download for all UltraNova users. You can preview the soundpack below.

3 thoughts on “Free Soundpack For The Novation UltraNova, Synth Guru Vol.2

  1. That was a pretty cool sample. Teenage Wasteland around 1.54 but my favorite part was around 3.10, when the water and bird sounds kicked in. Then the audio profile looked just like a silhouette of mountains and trees above a body of water. That was worth listening to.

  2. If my son hadn’t been born today I’d be rocking the F out! Can’t wait to have time…. Now back to the baby

  3. Got this synth last year. Having a blast with it. Aftertouch, runs off USB connection to the laptop, built in audio interface, great sounds, lots of support (and free soundpacks), vocoder, touch-sensitive controls, and just around $550. Best bang for the buck out there now. And the editor runs as a VST in any DAW. Very cool.

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