Studio Logic Sledge Polyphonic Synth At Musikmesse 2012

The Studio Logic Sledge synthesizer made its Musikmesse debut this week.

The Sledge is a new polyphonic keyboard, based on Waldorf’s sound engine.

Here’s a quick demo, from the Musikmesse show floor, that highlights the Sledge’s user interface, synthesis capabilities and offers an intro to the new synth’s sound.

Details are available at the StudioLogic site.

via sonicstate

5 thoughts on “Studio Logic Sledge Polyphonic Synth At Musikmesse 2012

  1. This does look really nice – knobs everywhere and Waldorf sound!

    I’ve read mixed reviews of Fatar keyboards (the mechanism/keybed that is) and have never played one… but if I’m not mistaken, they used to make a model with poly aftertouch…. perhaps one day….

  2. aren’t 90% of the keyboards on the market using fatar keybeds? Anyway having a blifeld and totally loving it, this one looks really desirable… and the yellow actually is quite nice inho.

  3. like to see more demo/sounds/reviews from this but it looks very promising!
    Only the lcd screen is a little small I think?

  4. This is a great looking synth, and I think they hit exactly the target that can be successful today. Focused power, great sound, tons of knobs, easy to carry around, and very affordable. There is a range of pretty limited instruments starting to show up at around $600-$700, but for only $400 more you get a ton of value with a board like this.

    I think realistically, today you need to sell synths at the $300-$400 range, and the $1000 range. Anything above that is boutique or highly limited sales potential.

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