Reactable Mobile Updated To Version 2.0 – Here’s What’s New

Reactable Systems has announced an updated to Reactable Mobile, introducing a new social networking feature, Reactable Community.

Here’s what’s new in Reactable 2.0

  • Direct access to Reactable Community
  • Save and View Performances
  • Direct table upload
  • Table Meta data
  • Brand new menus

Reactable is a performance oriented synthesizer that combines modular synthesis, sampling, digital audio effects and DJing with multitouch control.

Reactable Mobile is $9.99 in the App Store.

6 thoughts on “Reactable Mobile Updated To Version 2.0 – Here’s What’s New

  1. why, because all apps should be useful if boring? y’know, some of us find it interesting when people try to innovate, to do something different. then we get told that we shouldn’t buy an OP-1 because it’s just for hipsters or that Reactable isn’t useful or that blah blah blah. I’m under no illusions: I’ll never make a tune that will be released, i just find it fun to mess about with synths and drum machines. If reactable or whatever facilitates that, it’s done it’s job.

  2. I agree that this is a lame app. It’s basically a simple loop player with a layer of schtick added in an attempt to be innovative or special.

    1. Loop player? Really? It has assignable modulation sources, sequencers, oscillators, filters, sample players, effects etc.. if that’s your definition of loop player then i don’t know what planet you come from.

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