Free Live Rack Offers ‘Korg-asbord’ Of Sound

Here’s a free sample pack for Ableton Live, via AfroDJMac, that offers a ‘Korg-asbord’ of sound.

Here’s what AfroDJMac has to say about it:

This download includes five instruments: 2 synths and a set of drums sampled from the Korg iMS-20 (these sounds are used in the song I included in the post). A sampled Korg Monotron Duo is next and is featured in a stacked synth within Ableton’s instrument rack. Finally there is a sampled double bass instrument.

Lots of great sounds! I hope you enjoy and I’d like to give a tremendous thank you for your support and encouragement throughout the year!

You can get the free download at the AfroDJMac site.

3 thoughts on “Free Live Rack Offers ‘Korg-asbord’ Of Sound

  1. dont want to sound rude but at this point i think everybody in here knows about this guy’s free ableton packs… do you really need to write a post everytime he makes a new one? especially when they’re not even close to be being good by any means like the one above…
    sorry don’t want to be trollin’, but everything in that video made me go WTF

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