Free Vocal Sample Library

Sample producers Vocal Sample have released a free vocal sample library, Vocal 60’s:

VOCAL 60´s features 551 Royalty-Free Male and Female Vocal Samples in 24-bit Wav Format. Includes spoken words, lines, shouts, adlibs, funny vocals, slang, scats and more!

352 Mb of 24 bit resolution .wav format files, covering a tempo range of 090 to 170 bpm. All these features makes Vocal 60 `s Pack a powerful composing tool that gives you more life and dynamism to your music.
This is a Vocal Pack suitable for both DJs and Producers from different musical genres.
Whenever you need a great vocal track for an electro, ambient, trance, chillout, lounge, Electronica, minimal or soul releases, no doubt about it, this is your pack!!!

It’s a free download from the VocalSample site.

14 thoughts on “Free Vocal Sample Library

  1. I hate to criticize free stuff, but I can’t imagine that this collection would be useful to anyone. Also, don’t be misled by the name and the psychedelic art. This stuff has nothing to do with the 60’s. There are a lot of modern-sounding R&B-ish vocal lines (some of them sound auto tuned), drum machine loops, etc. Plus, a lot of the material is duplicated — there’s one folder with clean versions, one folder with many of the same clips run through distortion, another with many of the she clips run through a “robot” effect, and so on. Don’t waste your time unless you have a lot of free time listening through all this stuff tring to find something useable.

    1. If a synthesist has good vocal samples and good audio processing resources, they may never have to actually go into a studio with, say, Miley Cyrus.

      1. Considering that working with Miley Cyrus is more rentable than, say, working in your bedroom with lifeless vocal samples, I will go out on a limb and suggest that most synthesists would rather work with Miley and make bank.

        1. I’m sure working with Miley is ‘rentable.’ [laughs] Thank you for that wonderful reply, it made me smile on a Monday. Nonetheless, I stand by my comment. PS Have you seen the post today with the two Tempests and OP-1s? Would that have been better with Miley singing live in the background?

  2. i didnt download the file but i listened to the audio demonstrations, and i got several ideas.

    i think they could be used well with a vocoder or with sample chopping etc, also the distortion segments made me thing of psytrance, lol really effed up, they would work well.

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