Patchwork Online Modular Synthesizer Updated

patchwork online modular synthesizer

Reader Peter van der Noord sent word that Patchwork, a browser-based modular synthesizer, has been updated.

‘Patchwork is an online virtual analog modular synth,” he notes, “Which allows you to connect basic sound generation or modification modules to create either music, effects or utter noisy crap.”

The new version can be seen at Patchwork-Synth site.

19 thoughts on “Patchwork Online Modular Synthesizer Updated

    1. I didn’t mean to insult any other Flash applications! I just didn’t KNOW there were any other Flash applications other than the annoying ads Flash displays on websites and the video players that use Flash at adult-only sites when you accidently type in something like ‘busty milfs golfing.’

      If there are other cool sites written in Flash, cool. I didn’t mean to slight them.

  1. Its really a shame that Apple chose to completely disregard Flash for IOS. Why couldn’t they give us the choice instead of forcing it down our throats. Stuff like this, Audiotool, Aviary and games like Abobo’s Big Adventure are just awesome and missed on IOS.

  2. Noone

    Apple gave you the choice to spend your money elsewhere, so what are you complaining for?

    Instead of running hundreds of thousands of fast native apps on iOS, you could be running

    1. No they did not, they told everyone that Flash was bad and waged their little war against Flash, and sadly won, because a lot of idiots believed them (remember when Steve Jobs said that everytime a Mac crashes its because of Flash, that a Mac never crashes otherwise).

      Apple has never been about choice, they only have 1 computer model, 1 laptop model, 1 netbook model, 1 phone.. etc.. how do you see the choice in that?

      Also, does OSX devs have a choice to sandbox their app by June 1st if they want to stay in the OSX appstore? No they don’t, they will be kicked out if they don’t comply, because Apple rather force every devs to sandbox their apps instead of making OSX able to sandbox any apps by itself.

      1. So, you are calling everybody who bought an iPad or an iPhone idiots?

        And all of the other mobile vendors that dumped Flash are idiots?

        And all the people that bought Flash-free Android phones are idiots?

        There are a lot of idiots in your view of the world!

        1. noone – your comment was deleted because of personal attack:

          you really are a fanboy who can’t see past your favorite brand, and that makes you truly an idiot.”

          Please try to keep comments on topic, also.

          1. Sorry about that, but I wish you would just delete the offending part of the comment, instead of deleting the entire comment and then reposting only the offending part 😉

        2. Android phones and tablets have Flash, don’t you know that?

          Some people have even ported the Android Flash plugin on IOS, but you need to jailbreak your device.

  3. Poor guy, he’s a victim, see! How long before these poor middle and upper class people rise up and take back what’s there’s, what apple took away from them?? We need a revolution, with Linux and flash and, uh, Netscape!! We demand poorly written code, spam, latency and all the rest! We’re not gonna take it anymore, erm … Porn in the App store is a civil right! Fight the powers that be … vive le proletariat, free our Hotpockets! We want … wait what were we talking about?

    1. Yeah exactly! What are we talking about you mean you don’t know yet you leave such a comment? Thank you for writing such a dumb comment and showing us how bad computing monocultures are.

  4. Sorry about that, its true that I called people who believed Steve Jobs idiots. But not everyone who bought idevices are idiots.

    Did you believe Steve Jobs when he said people don’t need copy/paste on mobile devices? Or that 3rd party apps are dangerous? Or when he said nobody would watch movies on a tiny screen? Or that high resolution is useless on mobile devices? Or when he said people don’t read anymore?

    Did you believe all those things when he said them? Did you also believe everything he said about Flash?

    In the meantime, you are required to install Quicktime and Safari if you want to watch videos or view the HTML5 demos on

    Steve Jobs used his influence, lies and deception to destroy his direct competition.

  5. This technology is cool despite Flash, not because of it. Flash’s death won’t be at the hands of Apple but rather at the hands of open web standards. You’re right if you think Apple is working against Flash, but so is Google, Microsoft, etc. …and for pretty good reasons.

    1. Its funny you talk about standards : Microsoft has Silverlight, Apple has Quicktime and their HTML5 code requires Safari and they don’t want IOS apps to run on competing platforms, Google has created and encourage devs to make Javascript code that works only in Chrome.

      In the meantime, the Flash format (swf) was open sourced many years ago, anybody can create a Flash player.

      What are your reasons to hate Flash so much that not only you won’t use it, but you will make efforts to stop everybody else from using it?

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