(DSI Tempest + Teenage Engineering OP-1) x 2 Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: Edison & Anon Day, mano a mano, on twin Dave Smith Instruments Tempest + Teenage Engineering OP-1 setups.

The track is the choicely named, We Will Kill You In The Face And Dick.

28 thoughts on “(DSI Tempest + Teenage Engineering OP-1) x 2 Synth Jam

    1. I meant “Thank you” to the musicians and the poster–I wasn’t trying to take credit for the title of this opus.

  1. expensive show !
    I know a cheaper way to kill a dick!
    For the half of the money you can get your dick killed by some kinky hookers !
    And killing the face is free if you say fuck off against the pimp of the hookers!
    Please guy’s ?
    I mean ?
    Ah leave it ,enjoy yourself !

  2. Man. That was actually kind of painful to listen to. I have the utmost respect for Edison (I haven’t really heard much of Anon Day), a brilliant musician, but I haven’t the slightest clue what I just listened to nor what the general approach to this jam was. At least the title was appropriate.

  3. This is exactly the kind of thing that I don’t want to hear using this equipment..or any other but especially this. So uninspired that it needs a clever throwaway acting title. To do this kind of thing – you don’t need a tempest or op-1. Just break out some old school equipment you might already have. I want to hear something a little more up to the capabilities of these machines please. Sorry to be negative, but come on already.

  4. Agree fully with the above post. What ever happened to making music. This is just a bunch of samples slammed together. Great big Meh.

  5. I’m sitting here just blinking and feeling like I must be missing something. I really didn’t like that, regardless of the gear used. Seriously..Is there something I’m not appreciating?

  6. Such passion, such flair… you gotta love those kids! What is so cute tho is that they are SO into what they are doing. Watch the way they imitate their favorite super-stars with their very own special moves. They have absolutely no idea or interest in how or why they might create anything with any form or taste to it but it still is absolutely adorable how they play dress-up in their rooms and film themselves playing SKRILLEXsquared. Some kids get all the best toys eh?
    It’s ok to laugh, I’m sure Skrillex did, or at least would. I did. Most of you did. Others went straight into a rage and lashed out. That’s understandable too. This is bad, bad, bad.

  7. That was terrible (I’m an Edison fan btw). But, I’m sure people would have flamed it even if it was good because their was not one but *gasp* two op1’s in the video.

    PS How come no one ever adds up the prices in the eurorack videos, or the cs80 stuff, or the Buchla vids? Perhaps they do, I never notice it as much though.

  8. I swear I could write a script in less than a day that could generate this kind of stuff for you 24/7. 🙂

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