The Innovative Systems Ribbon Tube Synth

Musikmesse 2012: Innovative Instruments was showing the Ribbon Tube Synth, a custom synth created from a Doepfer Ribbon Controller, what looks to be a Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1, a speaker and a giant tube. And some beer.

It’s currently priced at 799 Euro. See the Innovative Instruments site for details.


6 thoughts on “The Innovative Systems Ribbon Tube Synth

  1. Did anyone buy one of these in Europe and then try to fly back to the States with it? Or are they still “interviewing” with Homeland Security about it?

  2. What pisses me off a bit are people taking other people’s work and selling it as their own. Like the guy here for example… it’s not that he says he did all the work, but the way he explains things makes you think he built the whole synth, including the sound engine and the interface. In the whole video there is not one mention of the Shruthi-1 or Mutable Instruments. But it is totally clear that inside the tube there is a more or less vanilla Shruthi-1 synth. I’ve been owning and using those for long enough that I could recognize them blindly. He could have at least mentioned it… fortunately you did it for him (but Matrixsynth didn’t).
    It should not be called the ribbon tube synth, it should be called the ribbon tune Shruthi-1.
    And yes… over 1000 bucks (I didn’t really understand the final price) for a modded Shruthi-1 is a bit steep. The Shruthi is a totally awesome synth, but I think adding a touch-strip is not worth over 700 € (which would be the difference if you compare it to an assembled unit from Mutable Instruments)

  3. Just look at our prospect. It is not a secret that it is a cooperation with Olivier Gillet (Shruthi)

    Sure, you do not need time to invent in? Or to build it. And for sure the included ribbon, the controller, effect units, Amp., speaker, guitar belt, power supply, the tube itselve is for free! And for sure in Germany we have no taxes, no costs for design and trademark protections, saleries,…

    Bye the Way, Do you think that Mercedes or Porsche create and build their own Instrument Clusters? Brakes? Tires? Seats? But still you are very keen on having and driving one, dont t you? 😉 Important is what you create with all resources! E.g. the idea, the design, the overall concept, the usability!!!

  4. To clear some doubts regarding this product.

    I am the developer of the Shruthi-1 and this is a perfectly legit reuse of the Shruthi-1 electronics and code. The manufacturer of this device purchases kits from me and integrate them into his products.

  5. I met the RRS-guy on a music conference and he showed some pics from inside the tube and from the building process. It looked like lots of hours of work! I think the price is ok.

    Do the manufactors of cellphones, mobile devices or Ipods tell you, what processor they built in their devices, who wrote the software, who build the display, the cables, the plugs?
    I think they don’t.

    In a prospect of the RRS I have seen that Olivier Gillet (the Shruti guy) is mentioned.
    Ok a label on the tube “Shruti inside” could be nice 🙂

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