Micromac Eurorack System With Dual SV Filter Demo

Ken MacBeth demos the MacBeth Studio Systems Micromac, in Eurorack format, along with the Dual SV Filter.

The MicroMac 3U Eurorack version is priced at £1100.00 GBP; the desktop version is  priced at £1450.00 GBP

See our previous MicroMac synthesizer posts for more demos. Details on the MicroMac are available at MacBeth’s site.

via macbethsynthesizers:

Here’s a video that I’ve just done of the micromac prototype loaded into a 3U Eurorack housing- Featured with it is the MacBeth X-Series Dual SV Filter- they make an interesting match! At times there is plenty of ‘ah yah ah yah ah yah’ sounds! Two oscillators were taken from the micromac and plugged into the Dual SV- the Vortex prototype pvides us with LFO modulation here!
Apologies for the indistinct talking through this one- toothache!! has set in! Anyway- I hope you enjoy this pure analogue example of synth stuff!

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  1. Sorry,I just thought it would be less expensive.Macbeth makes amazing synths and I wish I could delete my [intoxicated] previous comment.I feel stupid.

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