Using The iPad To Add Oscillators To Your Analog Synthesizer

This quick video tip, via Jim McLaren, demonstrates how you can use an iPad, running Animoog, with the Moog Little Phatty to create a three-oscillator synth.

Used effectively, this approach can give you the best of both worlds – ie., hardware control  + inexpensive synthesis + analog filter – and could also open up some new options for experimentation.

5 thoughts on “Using The iPad To Add Oscillators To Your Analog Synthesizer

  1. Yea, I can confirm that when connected via USB (camera kit) the midi control latency is acceptably low for most apps. Using the network MIDI is another story.

  2. Love this video, what a smart way to integrate Animoog into a pro set-up. This app and others like it really showing the world that there are tons of pro music uses for the iPad. I think that it’s going to be a pretty common sight in the coming years to see iPads on stage just like this.

    By the way, I’ve had good latency experiences using a keyboard with the camera connection kit as well . . .

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