Grain Science + A Mic Turns Anything Into A New Synth Patch

Canis at Wooji Juice posted an interesting demo, embedded below, that highlights how you can use Grain Science to turn just about anything into a synth patch:

Recently, I posted a new Grain Science demo track to SoundCloud. It’s just a series of experiments, but quite a few people found it interesting because it demonstrates a side to Grain Science that maybe not everyone is aware of: the ability to bring to life the awesome synth instruments that are lurking in the everyday sounds all around you.

Here’s the audio demo:

All the sounds in this demo were created from four short recordings:

  • a glass being struck;
  • a coin being spun and dropped;
  • a short whistling sample; and
  • a tiny bit of beatboxing.

See the post for more details. Grain Science is available for iOS devices for $9.99.

Any readers using Grain Science like this?

11 thoughts on “Grain Science + A Mic Turns Anything Into A New Synth Patch

  1. That was very cool. I especially like the spinning coin. I went back and listened to that twice. This is a very good promo for Grain Science. I’ve always focused on subtractive synthesis and things like the Roland Gaia. Manipulating samples sounds very cool, too.

  2. This instrument is so great at showing that grain synthesis is so much more than just scrubbing through a wav to produce scratch-glitchy stuff! It’s incredibly musical and fun to use, and really powerful when you dig into it.

    Turn on “Ribbon Keyboard” in the settings to get the same style as Animoog and this synth really comes to life!

    1. I know next to nothing about granular synthesis, but this demo sounded great, and the wikipedia entry is interesting. Have you used the Malström synthesizer in Propellerhead’s Reason? Is GrainScience better, or just different? Is there a machine or program that is an elementary introduction to granular, the way Gaia is to classic subtractive?

  3. If there is one app that can be a showcase of my cause for pro apps, grain science is it. Even a hardened sceptic would agree that this is a genuine synth, it’s a masterpiece

  4. I should really do more with this app. Until now i only screwed around with the presets and manipulating my own voice…great moment to come up with a demo like this…

  5. What a wonderful app it is. Kudos to dev that constantly updates and improves it. Trully endless possibilities. Love it.

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