‘Micro Empire’ – Pairs Amazing Visuals With An Electronic Soundtrack

Reader Andrew Diey let us know about this cool video, Micro Empire, which pairs an electronic soundtrack with amazing microscopic visuals:

..moving on from Macro Kingdom, we pass through the portal of a microscope to venture into the Micro Empire … surrounding us … inhabiting us …

Stranger than fiction… molecular conflict and mitochondrial warfare … a heartstopping, subcellular epic … a truly microcinematic experience …

“as an enthusiast for little things, I wanted to go deeper than the macro universe, so I found myself hanging on the eyepiece of a microscope. The real challenge was definitely the small depth of field in microscopy. It’s really fascinating how detailed this tiny world is, and unbelievable how much is going on in only one little water drop.”

This one definitely benefits from full-screen viewing, too.

Check it out and let us know what you think of it!

Video: Clemens Wirth
Audio: Radium Audio

7 thoughts on “‘Micro Empire’ – Pairs Amazing Visuals With An Electronic Soundtrack

  1. Very cool! Great visuals and audio, makes us humans wonder why we think we are the center of the universe when so much goes on that they human eye can barely perceive..

  2. Nice Mash up. Funny how stuff that was on MTV as Idents are now becoming music videos from the next gen designers remixing it all

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