GenMDM Turns Sega Genesis/Megadrive Into A MIDI-Controlled Synth

Sebastian Tomczak (Little Scale) has introduced GenMDM – a music interface for your vintage SEGA Genesis or Mega Drive console.

You can use GenMDM to make chiptunes using your favorite MIDI sequencing software or hardware.

GenMDM will appear as a MIDI output device on your Windows, Mac or Linux-based computer. GenMDM will respond to MIDI notes and MIDI CC data, and will give you a high degree of real time control over the sound chips inside of the SEGA console.

GenMDM is available for preorder for 85 AUD (~ 87 USD/67 EUR). First units are scheduled to be shipped in mid-May 2012.

12 thoughts on “GenMDM Turns Sega Genesis/Megadrive Into A MIDI-Controlled Synth

  1. As much as I loved my NES and Commodore, the genesis was always my personal favorite…after the midiNES scam I am happy I got my money back from paypal so I can put it give it to more deserving hands….now if only they would make another Chakan:The forever man….

    1. I, too, was scammed by MidiNES. How did you get your money back from PayPal? They gave me the runaround, and refused to take action.

      Also: GenMDM sounds great! I love Sega Genesis sound effects so much.

      1. I had to have them open an investigation…being that you have a quoted ship time that extends past the date your can get your money from Paypal I basically told them ‘Look, heres the scam…its simple and it obviously works. Im sure you have plenty of other cases on this individual. ‘ so 5 days later they returned my money and sent me a statement to fill out as there was an “overwhelming response to their investigation”. They were very nice and professional about it, two things Paypal is usually not. What I read, straight through the corporate BS lingo, was: ‘Holy shit! This guy FUUUUUUUUCKED up.

  2. Anybody see this in action? I like the idea of this, but can’t tell much from a piece of circuit board.

    Maybe they could do a demo or something?

    1. Hi Kriso! I’ve posted a number of audio examples and works, including a full release that has been written using only the GenMDM. Hopefully this gives you some idea about the kinds of sounds etc, and serves as some sort of demo.

  3. Imagine peoples faces when they see that on your rig, it would go great with my rockband keytar/cape combo. Plus I’m pretty fond of the FM sounds of the genesis, coincidentally mine just died a couple weeks ago

  4. I’m making an open-source alternative to MIDINES as part of my KIckstarter.

    It will be a regular cart that anyone could make themselves (by modding an old cart with new EEPROM) and a MIDI adapter that plugs into the controller port (and doesn’t hang out of the front of the NES looking gross).

    I hope anyone who’s disappointed with their MIDINES experience will support my Kickstarter.


  5. I purchased a GenMDM from Mr. Tomczak in December of 2012 after he opened orders.
    I HAVE STILL NOT RECEIVED MY ITEM. Mr. Tomczak stated in his original terms that the GenMDM would not be shipped until roughly 10-weeks after close of orders– this puts him conveniently out of the window for PayPal disputions.
    Mr. Tomczak ignores my emails, my comments on his little-scale webpage, and my tweets.

    And has done so for TWO YEARS THIS DECEMBER.

  6. I’m interested in this but it’s been a few years now and don’t wanna risk the same thing that happened to the guy above.
    It’s a very “underground” or “indie” project and you don’t hear alot about it which is a shame. Hopefully someone can make a more “commercial” kit!
    Would be great controlling it with Maschine MK1 (and must look nice next to eachother)!!

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