The Analogue Systems French Connection

In this video, Frankie Bellani demonstrates using the Analogue Systems French Connection to control a Dotcom System 110 modular synthesizer.

The French Connection is a control voltage keyboard controller that was inspired by the Ondes Martenot. It features a ring controller that allows for continuous pitch control.

The French Connection doesn’t make sounds on its own, but is used to control analog synths that support CV control.

Details on the French Connection are available at the Analogue Solutions site.

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4 thoughts on “The Analogue Systems French Connection

    1. When you move the ring too fast, it loses it’s tracking. You’ll find yourself being out of tune. This happens because the ring apparently has digital to analog conversion.

  1. Depends on what you want out of it, if you want a modular controller, go with the French Connection, if you want an Ondes Martenot to go, grab a therevox. If you have no cash, then put a ring on a string and imagine!

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