Korg Monotribe Review (With Mods)

Here’s a review, via inside synthesis, of the Korg Monotribe, with mods.

Note that the review demonstrates multiple features that are only available via mods, including drum sound tweaks and MIDI control. That said, it shows that Monotribe mods add some very useful functionality, especially if you want to use the device as a sound module.

6 thoughts on “Korg Monotribe Review (With Mods)

  1. was a bit disappointed with the results of the drum mod.. was debating getting this done, but it doesn’t seem to actually do much to the sound that justifies it when compared to some of the mods out there for analog drum machines

  2. You are correct Mr. Zod! Or at least I agree with what you’re saying, having gotten the drum mod and the midi mod. The drums don’t change a whole lot after modding, except for the kick, which is pretty darn cool now on my machine. That alone was (almost) worth the price 🙂

    Also, the preview page of upcoming mods/products on the Amazing Machines site has got me intrigued, check out that section of their site if you haven’t already. They’re coming out with a mid to reduce the occasional shrill sounds of the monotribe!

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