It’s Friday – So We’ve Got Polish Rap & A Bodacious Meat Babe

This is almost completely off topic, but it’s Friday and we’ve busted out the strong beverages. So forgive us if the only real electronic music angle on this is a bit of a stretch.

Anyway, this video features:

  • A bodacious meat babe;
  • MC Silk unleashing a torrent of multi-lingual anti-sellout rhymes;
  • A dude in the kitchen making beats on Maschine;
  • Traditional musicians trashing Busta Rhymes in Polish; and
  • That do-it-in-one-take-or-don’t-do-it-at-all attitude.
And, if you’re thinking that they had us at ‘bodacious meat babe’, you might be right.

9 thoughts on “It’s Friday – So We’ve Got Polish Rap & A Bodacious Meat Babe

  1. THIS WAS OUTSTANDING! the image for the post was somewhat misleading but I’m glad you chose that image none the less.

  2. i actually liked it,….

    a kind of likable rap/hip hop,…not the wannabe tough/gangsta teenager oriented bullshit

  3. came4thetits2

    Loved thevid.
    The music biz is an absolute biz.
    There are no sellouts. Accumulate a 500K home, security,etc and
    you’ll need to maintain and do a few gigs at “Children’s Memorial” or star in a rated G flick sometime or another. Think about it youngun!!!

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