3 thoughts on “Tim Webb’s ‘Akai SynthStation 61’

  1. Tim, if you’re using USB MIDI and the Apple CCK (as I think you are in the video), then this setup has one major limitation: unlike the (eternally vaporware) SynthStation 49, it doesn’t power the iPad.

    This means you’ll be playing along and having a wonderful time when all of a sudden you are interrupted by an alert that tells you the iPad is running on “reserve power.” Then it shuts down. 🙁

    One solution would be to use the MPK61’s old-school 5-pin DIN MIDI out (which I think it has,) connected to an iRig MIDI interface, which provides power to the iPad.

  2. Power hasn’t been an issue for me, on either the iPad 2 or 3s. I just charge ’em at night and even if I forget to they will usually got another day just fine.

    Thanks for the heads up on the iRig powering the device though, I hadn’t known that!

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